Our Yacht Packages

If you are searching for the picture-perfect venue against the backdrop of Singapore skyline for your dream wedding, look no further. From a modern and chic yacht photoshoot to a sophisticated and elegant wedding reception, find out why we recommend private yachts as the ideal space for your bespoke ceremony.

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This luxurious vessel is perfect for intimate photoshoots, proposals, anniversaries & wedding ceremonies. There are two distinct spaces onboard the 47ft Catamaran. The forward deck brings an incredible vast space to host an intimate solemnisation and a comfortable second forward cockpit that can sit guests while offering unblocked views of the endless sea. We suggest keeping to about 12 guests for everyone to comfortably gather within the yacht space. We recommend taking full advantage of the exposed yacht railings for floral posies to create that perfect wedding shot. You could personalise these florals according to your vision, be it clean and minimalist, or lush and cascading arrangements complemented with ground hedges. For proposals, we would suggest a cosy look with textured cushions, a mini display of your favourite memories, with a classic rose bouquet.


  • Dreamy Pastel Proposal

    Fresh blooms to adorn the yacht makes for a cute photospot

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  • Breezy Blue Solemnisation

    Baby blues, muted greens, and cream white shades spread all around the yacht for your occasion

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  • Coral & Pink Prewedding

    Styled a cosy and dreamy spot on board this beautiful yacht, with vibrant colors, play on textures and lush floral galore.

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  • Lilac Surprise Proposal

    The mood, the vibe, the weather. It was just the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience that'll last a lifetime.

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  • Romantic Marriage Proposals

    Gorgeous blooms adorn the yacht, extra dreamy for when she says yes!

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  • Blue Marriage Proposal

    Fresh blooms and soft hues inspired by colours of the sea for this dreamy proposal set-up.

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  • Pastel Solemnisation

    Pastel themed yacht solemnisation for our lovely couple

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  • Picnic Surprise Proposal

    Yacht Proposals w oceanfront view

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What is the address?

11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497

How many guests can this vessel accommodate?

23 pax

Can I bring my own food & drinks?

Yes, outside food & drinks are allowed. There are no corkage charges. No red wines in case of spillage and staining of boat.

What water equipment are available onboard?

Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Floating Mats, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Floats

Is there on-site parking and where can guests park?

There is a carpark at Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza and it is located next to the meeting point Cold Storage.

What is the wet weather policy? 

In the event of a light drizzle, the yacht will still set sail. If there is a heavy downpour, the yacht departure will be delayed and will be extended accordingly. If it is not possible to delay the departure, the charter will be rescheduled to a mutually agreed date and time later.