Joya Onsen Packages

Looking to propose at a unique destination in Singapore during the sakura season? With Joya's Japanese-inspired interior, coupled with our sweet sakura styling and a yukata fitting to boot, it is the perfect combination for when she says 'Yes'.

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What is the address?

511 Upper Jurong Road, S63836

Are there any etiquettes to follow in the onsen?

Please refer to the link here for the full details

What facilities are available inside the private onsen?

The facilities in our private onsen room include a shower area, a dressing area, a private onsen pool and a sauna room. There will be a time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes per private onsen session.

Can we eat inside the onsen?

Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons, only water is allowed. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the onsen. You may choose to dine with your partner at the cafe area instead!

I am uncomfortable with being nude in the onsen. Can I wear my own clothes/swimsuits/wrap myself in towel and soak in the onsen?

Joya Onsen allow clean swimsuits in private onsen only due to popular request. Private onsen customers have to change out from their swimsuit when using the public onsen before and/or after their private onsen session. Wearing swimsuits is strictly not allowed in public onsen.

Wearing of own clothes/undergarments and wrapping yourself in towel is strictly not allowed in both public and private onsen for hygiene reasons. Joya Onsen provides disposable underwear should you need it.

Is there on-site parking and where can guests park?

There's no complimentary parking available at d'Arena. The parking rates are as follows:

Car: $1.20/hour
Lorry: $2.40/hour
Motorcycle: $0.80 Per Entry Per Day

What is Joya Onsen's punctuality policy?

1) Arrive at least 15 minutes early for registration.

2) Joya Onsen will not be liable to extend your session in the event you are late.

3) No discounts will be provided for reduced allocated private onsen duration due to lateness. Please be considerate and leave the private room by your time limit.

4) Additional charges will apply for every 10 minutes of time extension.