Star Signs and Wedding Types Part 2

Your wedding day is all about showing your personality as a couple. Ever wondered what kind of wedding suits your star sign? Here is a list that our Styling Team has come up with!

An Aries Wedding

The fire element! Your style exudes boldness and adventure. You would love to feature lush florals and big bold decorative pieces at your wedding! Picture a glamorous runaway that takes center stage in your extravagant yet classy celebration.

A Taurus Wedding

You keep it real. Your wedding will be all about traditions and authenticity. As someone who cherishes nature, why not exchange your vows in a garden setting? An outdoor ceremony will undoubtedly be the choice for your special day!

A Gemini Wedding

As a cool and vibrant air sign, your wedding style is a delightful fusion of boho-glam. Embracing this versatile aesthetic, and a blend of luxurious details with natural palm and wood elements to craft a stunning wedding look that mirrors the duality of a Gemini's changeable mind.

A Cancer Wedding

Make it a close-knit wedding for your compassionate and sentimental personality. Select an intimate venue, perhaps on a yacht surrounded by your nearest and dearest. It's a setting that encapsulates the warmth and closeness you value in your relationships!

Stay tuned for our next blog post as we continue this series!