Should You Get a Wedding Stylist

You want your Wedding to be uniquely yours. You want to have that intimate feel that only you and your guests get to experience. So YES! It’s no denying that a Wedding Stylist is essential to achieving this.

A Wedding Stylist is responsible for all aesthetic aspects of your Wedding. It is important as each visual design element will impact how your wedding day will look and feel.

So what can you expect from your Personal Wedding Stylist?

  • Put all the things you love into one cohesive wedding design concept. One that is bespoke and tailored to both you and your partner.
  • Create a color palette that suits the mood and ambiance of your wedding. Colors set the tone and create the vibe that you want from vibrant fun to a muted romance!
  • Personalize your big day by adding design elements that hold special meanings to both you and your partner. This is what makes your wedding day even more unique to you.
  • Curate and decide on each decor element required to bring that design concept to life!
  • Source and supply all florals, props, furniture, decor, tableware, and so on for you! There’s honestly a whole list of things that your Stylist can provide.
  • Oversee the installation of all design elements on your actual Wedding Day

Your Wedding Stylist is responsible for getting the entire wedding look right so you don’t have to fret over the decorations and immerse yourself in the moment of your special day!